Our Vision & Mission

At the end of the day, we need something deeper to shoot for than filling time from 8-5, more than having a job, even more than making money. We have learned that we need to have a deeper WHY if we are going to be successful. Our Why is to serve you by using the unique gifts that we have and enjoy as engineers and designers. We have learned that our place in this puzzle is to enlarge your capabilities by becoming an invaluable part of your team when it comes to the technical challenges you face as a company.

We are pretty much nerds, and we are OK with that. That is our niche. We enjoy working on computers and figuring out how things fit together. We listen and try and decipher what are the technical struggles that you have as you manage a steel detailing project, oversee multiple consultants with a new commercial design project or sell wood truss and light gage framing components to clients. Then we make a game plan and try to provide a solution that benefits you and makes you look good. 

Our goal is to figure out how we can not just provide a necessary service, but go beyond and understand your unique struggles as a company and help alleviate that pain. Let us worry about the details and technical concerns and you keep focusing on what is most beneficial to your company.