We are please to announce that we merged our detailing services with X Steel Detailing, LLC starting January 1, 2019 in order to provide better service for our detailing clients

We will provide the same great service but with even more resources. We have joined forces with Curtis Gallipo (formerly Palmetto Steel Detailing, LLC) in order to expand our offerings. Head over to the www.x-steeldetailing.com to see how we can help out on your next detailing project.

sealed Connection design

For situations where SDS/2 is unable to design a connection, we are qualified to provide connection design. Since we are a structural engineering firm as well, we are able to offer engineering services in several states in addition to detailing services.  


Steel stair & Railing Design

When your project requires the steel stairs and railings to be designed by a professional engineer registered in the project state, MSD can provide the necessary designs. We can also detail the stairs if necessary since we also detail miscellaneous steel.

We utilize SDS/2 detailing software to provide shop drawings as well as CNC, KISS files and other important files to ensure your fabrication and erection process goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look at our team to see the unique experience we bring to the table.