As a fabricator, you have unique needs and settings when it comes to detailing. MSD strives to understand those needs and deliver a unique solution for each client.

sealed Connection design

For situations where SDS/2 is unable to design a connection, we are qualified to provide connection design. Since we are a structural engineering firm as well, we are able to offer engineering services in several states in addition to detailing services.  


Steel stair & Railing Design

When your project requires the steel stairs and railings to be designed by a professional engineer registered in the project state, MSD can provide the necessary designs. We can also detail the stairs if necessary since we also detail miscellaneous steel.

We utilize SDS/2 detailing software to provide shop drawings as well as CNC, KISS files and other important files to ensure your fabrication and erection process goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look at our team to see the unique experience we bring to the table. 

Steel Detailing Examples