With over 25 years combined experience in the component industry, we have a good grasp on the unique problems you face as a component supplier.


We have assisted in several forensic investigations to determine the cause of failure regarding truss components either due to improper installation, lack of bracing, poor design or a host of other factors. We are able to provide thorough sealed engineering reports summarizing our findings. 

Truss Seals and Repairs

We are well versed in MiTek's engineeering and workflow software packages as well as providing seals the "old fashioned" way. We have reviewed over 500,000 individual truss designs and repairs since 2009. We can review based on our in-house truss design standards or your company's specific guidelines. 

Specialty engineering

We have assisted in designing connections that typically fall in the gray area between the building designer's responsibility and the truss designer. Examples include cap truss designs for steeple applications, field splice designs, specialty anchorage situations with large vaulted trusses, and a variety of other specialty applications. 

Sealed placement diagrams

It is more rare, but we have provided sealed placement diagrams for wood truss systems. This typically involves a thorough review of the contract documents as well as oversight of the truss component loading and configuration to meet the project requirements. We are currently registered in the following states.