How often do you blog?

One of the intentions of revamping our website was to start to change the way we do things at MSD. We want to attempt to provide some content instead of just taking all the time. Blogging seems like a good starting point.

Seth Godin encourages everyone to write a blog post every day (link). That seems like a pretty daunting task, especially considering that I may not have much useful information to put out there. But as I have continued to move along this journey of owning and operating a small engineering firm I continue to learn new lessons (mainly from my mistakes). Maybe in a future post I will lay out some of the lessons we have learned as a company but right now some are a little too fresh ;) 

I also continue to come across great material in podcasts, blogs, websites and books I am reading, so if nothing else I can just regurgitate some of that for other business minded people out there who may be searching for ways to improve their business. Maybe it will be helpful to some, maybe not. If nothing else, we will consider it an experiment. Have a great Friday.